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​The 100% FREE, no-obligation, behind-the-scene, proven framework that I use to help my clients stop binge and emotional eating in as little as one session.

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My Food Peace Switch System uses effortless transformational techniques to get the best results in the least amount of time. 
This is how it works:

  • You find your binge eating drives
  • You find out how they conflict with your desire to find peace with food
  • You build a few mindfulness and personal transformational skills

And you're done. No more binge or emotional eating!

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She Overcame Binge Eating in Just 30 Minutes...

I found a way to halt binge eating in one session. It happened by accident.

I had been helping women resolve their stress and anxiety issues with remarkable success. And I was ready to get into the compulsive overeating field.

But to make sure I understood binge eating and emotional eating psychology accurately, I interviewed 20 women with different overeating profiles. I learned so much from it that I felt compelled to give back.

So I asked myself, "how can I deliver the biggest results in 30 minutes?" And I came up with an answer. But the results I got blew me away.

Women who had binged daily for years stopped binge eating entirely!
Some stopped for a week, some for a month, some for forever! In just 30 minutes.

I knew I was on to something big! And from that moment on, my only question has been. How do I make this stick? How do I make peace with food permanent?

And I finally found the answer.

Now that it's clear, I'm amazed at how simple it is.

What I'm about to share with you is the exact framework that I use when I work with my clients.

It's all synthesized in a simple one-page cheat sheet called "the Ultimate Overeating Drives Cheat Sheet."

If you get those drives and find the ones that are unique to you... you are free. It's that simple.

Download your cheat sheet now. You're getting the system cheat sheet + explainer video.

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Laura Houssain, Creator of the Food Peace Switch

I help women find permanent relief from overeating, create positive eating habits, improve their self-image and self-confidence, and empower themselves over their emotions and life using psychology, mindfulness, personal transformation techniques, and pragmatic tactics.

I have recovered from several addictions and compulsive behaviors: sugar, smoking, approval, and procrastination — to name a few.

But I couldn’t have done it without my system, the techniques and knowledge I have gathered through the years.

Now you can:

Steal my most valuable system
Swipe my framework
Save yourself the years of agony and wasted efforts

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