The Food Peace Switch:

The Ultimate System for Finding Peace with Food Effortlessly in 90 Days or Less

Even if You’ve Binged Every Week for the Past 10 Years
Even if You Obsess on Food All Day, Every Day
Even if You Don’t Believe, You Can Change
Even if You Feel You Have Tried Everything

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This Is How the Food Peace Switch Works:

Personal Discovery:
You have a unique set of triggers and motivations to overeat. Miss one and sooner or later you’re back with empty bags of Cheetos, donuts, sweets or ______(fill in the blank) and a stomach that feels funny. You can use my unique system to discover what causes you to overeat so that you can remove the problem at its root, not just trim a few branches. Getting the root out guarantees you’ll find permanent peace, not just a truce.

Change Psychology:
It shows you exactly what to do and when. It is based on over 30 years of scientific research on behavioral change. No second guessing or trial and error! You don’t want to use the right strategy at the wrong time. You want to do the right action at the right time so that you find peace with food for a lifetime. Knowing exactly which steps thousands of people have used to successfully change their habits forever will give you the confidence and skills to make this happen.

Growth Mindset:
Changing a habit like overeating is not a straight line. There are turns and curves, but—with the right mindset—you are certain to get to the finish line. My system will make you focus on growth.

Reality Checks:
With my system, you will know what to expect and when. This does two things: protect you from trying tactics that are bound to fail, and relieves you from unnecessary guilt or shame. It also shields you from useless negativity, self-depreciation, and maintains a solid motivation. My tracking system will make you check that you are not just hoping to change, but that solid, tangible results are happening.

A Playful Attitude:
Even Though overeating is a serious matter that can sometimes cost people their life, well-being, and health, my system relies on a playful, curious attitude. This makes the whole process fun and exciting without straining, stressing out, or getting exhausted.

With the Food Peace Switch System, You Uncover Your Hidden Recovery Blocks and Eliminate them so that Finding Peace with Food becomes Easy, Entertaining and Fun

Now You Can Find Peace With Food 

Imagine if you could go from madly drawn to food to being carefree, content, and peaceful....

The food peace switch is a proven system to help you do that. It was only available to my private one-on-one clients until now. But now you get the chance to gain access to it at a fraction of the cost.

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Warning: This Is Not Your Usual Eat Mindfully, Distract Yourself, Stop Dieting, Heal Your Wounds, and Love Yourself Advice. This System Will Give You a 100% Personalized Food Peace Plan by Addressing the Root of the Problem, Your Unique, Binge Eating Drives.

Laura Houssain, Creator of the Relief Switch and the Sphinx Technique:

I help women find permanent relief from overeating, create positive eating habits, increase their energy levels, improve their self-image and self-confidence, and empower themselves over their emotions and life using psychology, personal transformation techniques, and pragmatic strategies.

I have recovered from several addictions and compulsive behaviors: sugar, smoking, approval, and procrastination — to name a few. But I couldn’t have done it without the techniques and knowledge I have gathered through the years.

I have also discovered that you need to follow a set of specific strategies in a precise order to permanently change any habit.

Now you can:

  • Steal one of my most valuable strategies
  • Swipe my formula
  • Save yourself the years of agony and wasted efforts.

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